5 questions you must ask in a foundation quiz


Every beauty brand tries to provide a layer of personalization for their shoppers to get ahead of their competition – providing better and fast services, quality products, the right products, discounts, etc. In order to achieve this, a brand needs to be smart in engaging shoppers and capturing the Zero-party data.

Asking customer preference and choices in the form of an interactive quiz is the best way to collect data about their product liking.

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A lot of beauty brands have introduced this data with several names synonymous to beauty quiz and have marketed it. For example,  “The Foundation match quiz”, “The Foundation Finder quiz”, “Shade finder quiz” etc. 

Here are 5 best questions one can ask in any of such foundation quiz.

Quiz 1. What is your skin tone?

This is one of the most basic and important questions that any beauty/cosmetics company should ask. Knowing about the skin tone of your shoppers will help you in recommending the right product that should go with their skin tone.

Shoppers generally have doubts about their shade and which product from a beauty brand’s catalogue would be ideal for them. You can use technology such as skin tone quiz that will help in segmenting shoppers on the basis of their skin shade and hence recommend correct products.

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Foundation quiz & Skin tone quiz suggestions
What is your foundation shade?

Quiz 2. What is your skin undertone?

This is also a must-have question in all the foundation quizzes.

Undertone is the hue that comes through the skin from underneath its surface. This question will help brands to know if the shoppers have warm, neutral, or cool undertones, resulting in building a correct product recommendation quiz  for skin tone and foundation that will suit the undertone of buyers.

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Quiz 3. What type of coverage do you prefer?

Coverage refers to the opacity of the makeup, or how much it will conceal on the skin.

Brands can divide the shoppers on the basis of the type of coverage they prefer – Light, Medium, and Full-Coverage and target them.

Foundation quiz & Skin tone quiz
Matte Foundation Finish

Quiz 4. What foundation finish makes you look good? 

This is a good question to ask for the cosmetics vertical.

There are three basic foundation finishes: dewy, matte, and sheer and people always have a preference here.

Quiz 5. Any skin concerns?

This foundation quiz is not a must-have. But this data becomes handy when recommending any beauty or skincare products that are beneficial for certain skin concerns and hence sometimes becomes arguably important.

All the Zero-party data can be stored in a CRM to kickstart product personalization. And it can be used to personalize check-out pages, landing pages, and product recommendations!

foundation quiz by tangent ai
Foundation quiz example by Tangent AI. You can also use as Skin tone quiz

We at Tangent help beauty brands create a Selfie-based Foundation finder.  The tool asks for a selfie from the shopper and collects 81 data points from the selfie, which includes most of the questions mentioned above with more than 99% accuracy. Just a click and all data go into your CRM! 

Please get in touch with us if you want to engage your shoppers with a foundation finder quiz.