What is Selfie QuizTM platform?


A Selfie based question is a type of eCommerce quiz where shoppers are being asked to take a selfie or upload one. It is a part of the ecommerce product recommendation quiz.

Selfie creates a sense of excitement amongst the shoppers to follow the E-Commerce quiz process. 

The process itself helps in increasing your brand awareness and it becomes super easy to grab attention of your shoppers.

Also it help in completing smooth signup, and improve visitors’ engagement.  

amazing cosmetics case study: Screenshot of Tangent's Selfie quiz asking shoppers to
Screenshot of Amazing Cosmetics Selfie Shade question by Tangent AI

Well, it’s ok to ask for a selfie. What then? Because although you have asked for a selfie that motivated them to start the quiz, then you must deliver something beneficial at the end of the quiz. That would give them a reason to finish the quiz as well. One can leverage the selfie asked.

How do selfies cater to your shoppers?

Selfie quizTM platform leads to Data collection

One cool thing about selfies is that they possess a lot of data points. And artificial intelligence really helps in harnessing those data. And Tangent is a pioneer in this. They collect 54 facial as well as hair data points (gender, age, skin shade, skin tone, hair type, aging, acne, dryness, skin issues, hair issues, emotions, and a lot more) with just one click. This really helps in collecting more datapoint without asking too many questions from the shoppers and more quiz completion. This is super beneficial for the skincare and beauty industry. Many beauty and skincare brands like Amazing Cosmetics, Osmosis, etc are collecting facial data points and helping shoppers to find their pain points.

Personalized recommendation

The data collected from the selfie ( facial and hair data ) in addition to the data from the questions asked in the quiz helps to recommend the products best suited for an individual shopper. 

Screenshot of Amazing Cosmetic Checkout page of selfie quiz
Screenshot of Amazing Cosmetic Checkout Page by Tangent AI

Personalized Marketing

It’s fun to use the selfie in various marketing campaigns and checkout pages. This really makes your campaigns/retargeting more personalized. Below is an example of how Adoratherapy is using selfies in its email campaigns to make it look more personalized.

Adoratherapy selfie quiz personalised page
Screenshot of Adoratherapy's personalized email with user's selfie

Website Personalization

Shopper selfies and the data collected from the selfie as well as the questions help in personalizing the whole website of an individual shopper. Although brands have been trying different ways to personalize this kinda data (Zero-party data) plus the selfie makes it totally unique.

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