8 Quiz Questions To Build Accurate Skin Undertone Finder


Try this to find out your skin undertone,

Take a look at your veins under natural light to find out what colour they are. If you see veins that appear green, they may have warm undertones. If they look blue/purple, then you likely have cool undertones. You most likely have neutral undertones if they look blue/green or match the colour of your skin.

Are you tanner or deep skinned?

Your skin’s reaction to UV can be a good indicator of your undertone. Consider how you feel when you go to the beach in summer. Your skin will likely be easily burned if you have cool undertones. Those who burn less often tend to have warm undertones.

But the fact about undertone is that,

Skin undertone doesn’t really depend on skin tone which can range between white, deep or tan. For all these skin shades, you have got only three undertones: warm, cool or neutral.

And this oldschool vein testing methodology still works best for everyone for determining their skin undertone.

But this process is not scalable in business sense because a human is, after all, limited with resources. A makeup artist or a beauty business would need decent investment and a good deal of time to check undertones of their customers individually. That too in the time of technology when accuracy is not a problem anymore.

With the help of technology, we can develop tools that would scale the process of finding foundation shades and skin undertones much faster and a buyer can use this tool at their own convenience and comfort and be truly confident about the results.

As a business, in a few easy steps, you can build your own, perfect foundation shade finder and let your customers discover the best matches to the foundation shade that they already wear which also complements their skin undertone. Once the foundation shade match is done and understone is set, all you are left with is to recommend the right products to your customers..

Seems easy right?

Well, most of it is easy. The toughest part is building the right skin undertone finder. We at Tangent AI have developed Selfie QuizTM platform which solves all the undertone finder building problems for you.

But if you are doing your DIY, the following undertone quiz questions will come handy for you. We have tried and tested these quizzes on some high authority, high traffic websites where customers find their products through our product recommendation Selfie QuizTM  platform. We have decided to make these undertone quizzes available for everyone to use.

8 Undertone Quiz Questions:

Following quizzes are most frequently used by the majority of the undertone finders to accurately recommend the right products.

What colour are the veins on your wrist?

skin undertone quiz what colour are the veins on your wrist

As discussed in the initial paragraphs above, this quiz question is most crucial of all in determining the undertone of the shopper.

  • Blue or Purple
  • Green
  • Something similar to skin

What is the natural colour of your hair?

skin understone quiz What is the natural colour of your hai

You need the user to know their hair colour without any artificial touch. Or if they dye their hair more often, you can ask them to find a picture of their childhood to check the hair colour with which they are born. Then answer the quiz question, whether it is,

  • Jet Black, Ask blonde, or have a brown shade
  • Shades of Red or Golden

What colour are your eyes?

undertone quiz What colour are your eyes

Eyes are the most important part of the face and if the foundation is slightly mismatched from the eye colour, it will certainly distinguish a flaw elaborately. Hence we need to know the eye colour of the shopper for a better understanding of the undertone and recommend the product accordingly. There can be several answers to this quiz question but all can be arranged in these three answers.

  • Black or dark.
  • Green or light brown
  • Grey, Blue

What is the colour of the vein on the inner part of your arm

This is quite an obvious quiz question and goes without saying that it will help you in filtering out the right product with more accuracy about the skin undertone.

  • Blue or Purple
  • Green

What kind of jewellery do you prefer?

undertone quiz What kind of jewellery do you prefer

Every shopper knows what looks good on them. Through this quiz question, you will be able to further narrow down the right undertone.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Okay with both

What is your best colour shade for clothes?

Same as the jewellery quiz question this helps you to narrow down the right skin undertone.

  • Blue or Purple
  • Red or warm Yellow

Do you wear white dress? What does your skin look like in white?

undertone quiz What does your skin look like in white

Like the vein quiz question, this question also helps you determine the skin undertone through comparison with white and figuring out, what stands out from your skin when the shopper is wearing white.

  • Rosy
  • Yellowish
  • Just fits in the White colour

How does your skin behave under the sun?

skin undertone quiz How does your skin behave under the sun

The way a skin reacts to the sun is a good indicator of the person’s skin undertone.

  • You burn
  • You Tan