What is the Skincare quiz?


Skin is sensitive and utmost care is required to maintain your skin health. Generally, people find themselves struggling with new and recurring skin issues. The products they use don’t suit their skin type. Consequently, they don’t get the results they want.  The Skincare quiz is a type of eCommerce quiz (specifically meant for the skincare industry). It helps shoppers to find identify their skin problems. And moreover, match the correct skin care products for them which will resolve their skin concerns. The quiz consists of several questions which include shoppers being asked about their skin issues, their skin routine, parameters that affect the skin, and much more.  Other questions depend on different brands as per their requirements on what data they want to collect from the shoppers. Based on all the answers given by the shoppers, they are recommended the best skincare product set. The skincare quiz is being marketed by various other names such as the Skincare routine quiz, Skin Analysis quiz, Skin quiz, etc but the rest of everything is the same. There are various brands like Estee Lauder, It Cosmetics that provide skin quiz This is a must tool for the skincare brands on their website to boost their eCommerce sales. 

Now, most of the time shoppers are not aware of what skin problems do they have. To resolve this issue, shoppers are asked for a one-on-one consultation with their skin experts or asked to share their recent selfie. Both are time-consuming processes; brands also need to pay the experts for their service. 

How AI has helped in improving the Skincare quiz?

These days skincare brands are also asking selfie at the beginning of the question. With the help of artificial intelligence, brands are able to identify a lot of facial/skin attributes in less than a second. Tangent is one company that helps in building a Selfie based skincare question that collects more than 50 facial data points like age, gender, aging, skin concerns like acne, melasma, rosacea, pores, hyperpigmentation, redness, and a lot more. This really helps in identifying the concerns with high accuracy and recommending correct products. Also, this makes the quiz completion super fast and increases the quiz completion rate. This builds trust among the shoppers and increases sales. The shoppers can be again asked a selfie after a period of time to check if the recommended product has worked for them and can be given further suggestions

Screenshot of Osmosis Beauty Skincare Quiz
Screenshot of Osmosis Beauty Skincare Quiz