Adoratherapy – Increased conversion by personalizing checkout pages


About Adoratherapy:

Adoratherapy is an artisan perfumer mainstreaming the use of multi note essential oil blends and the practice of aromatherapy in the natural perfume space.

Their products are sourced from organic, biodynamic plants and essential oils are blended into expertly customized formulas called Mood Boosts™.

It was founded upon the belief that that Mother Earth’s abundant resources offer the ability to transform the human experience, inner beauty which includes inner peace, freedom from stress, personal transformation and personal fulfilment.

The Problem/Need: Bring more Conversion

More conversion from the existing customers who are completing quiz.

The Solution: Personalised product recommendation

The customers of Adoratherapy were recommended highly personalised products based on their answers which also included their selfie which we had asked them to upload in the beginning.
We then added a discount coupon exclusively for them.

This video will tell you more about the selfie chakra questions, first-party data collection, and how these data were helpful in creating personalized checkout pages on an individual level for one of our clients. Watch the video to learn more.

The Result: 60% increase in Conversion

Tangent AI quiz was more engaging because of the selfie based AI inference and follow up questions which led to accurate product recommendations.

Because Adoratherapy had more customer data, they could easily recommend more products the buyer would need along with the products they are here to purchase. Hence the shoppers purchased all of the recommended products and we saw a 60% increase in conversion for shoppers who have completed the quiz.

Happy Client:

Tangent's quiz is really exciting because it helps us know our shoppers better. We love building a deep and meaningful connections with our shoppers and Tangent's solution helps a lot in that direction.
Laura MacCann
Founder of Adoratherapy