How Trestique got 14% of their revenue from the Selfie based question?


About Trestique

Trestique is leading the sustainable and zero-waste beauty movement with their first-ever 100% refillable makeup system. Made in Italy, with transparently clean formulas, every product is designed to buy once and refill forever. Trestique has reduced the amount of virgin plastic in their packaging by more than 90%. Their full product line is made with an average of 86% recycled materials – the highest in the beauty industry. 

Their industry expertise empowered them to create an original, high-performance makeup line delivered in 2-in-1 makeup crayons with built-in application tools.

The Problem/Need:

Very general:

  • Engagement,
  • Data collection and
  • Sales

The Solution: Selfie QuizTM platform’s shade match quiz

We implemented Selfie Shade Match Questions for them. The Selfie QuizTM platform powered Shade Match phenomenon automatically detects shade and tone of the images uploaded by shoppers and the data is stored in the CRM.

When we have this data, it became easy to recommend personalised products for the shoppers which they needed.

Then Trestique created an email campaign to collect the leads and thus paying customers.

The Result: 14% of their total revenue came from this campaign

Trestique started getting 14% of their monthly revenue from the data collected from Selfie QuizTM platform.

Check this video for screenshots of the implemented quiz and data collected.

Happy Client:

"Tangent team helped us a lot with a quick turnaround of Selfie QuizTM platform deployment. I am looking forward to working more with them and recommend them as capable technical partners."
Jack Bensason