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Know your shoppers intimately

  • Beauty Insights:AI-driven Selfie Quiz™ unveils 150+ data points—skin, hair, tone, gender, and more from your selfie.
  • Shopper Profiles: Blend data with preferences for personalized beauty and fashion recommendations.
  • AI-Powered Personalization: Future of beauty—AI guides personalized skincare, ending generic approaches.

Using Tangent's Selfie QuizTM platform helped us provide a better experience to shoppers and helped personalize our marketing campaigns. It was a pleasure to work with Tangent and we are excited about their product!

Amazing Cosmetics
Sue Katz
CEO, Amazing Cosmetics

Help shoppers create Skincare Routine

  • Tailored Beauty: Get personalized suggestions from your Selfie and quiz for a unique beauty experience.
  • Informed Skincare: Discover product insights for a customized skincare routine.
  • Engaging Beauty Journey: Dive into an interactive D2C brand experience beyond shopping.
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Maximize Sales with Seamless Onboarding

  • Snap & Join: Effortless onboarding with a quick selfie and clicks, capturing key data for your personalized beauty journey.
  • Precision Recommendations: Empowered by rich info, we suggest perfect products, boosting sales and building lasting loyalty.
  • Tailored Satisfaction: No more generic approaches – welcome a new era of personalized shopping for max satisfaction.

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