• Personalized skincare with Face Mapping:

  • Transform ordinary selfies into insights.

  • Create a wealth of skin health info for tailored care.


personalized products
Face mapping

Skin and Hair Analysis to its depth

  • Instant Analysis: Deep learning detects real-time skin & hair concerns like wrinkles, spots, split ends, and more.
  • Detailed Insights: Identifies skin tones, undertones, etc for precise, personalized product recommendations.
  • Tailored Skincare: Elevate your routine with individualized treatment suggestions for optimal results.

Empowering Beauty Understanding

  • Skin Clarity: Over 60% lack clarity on skin and hair. Face mapping unveils nuances for a clear understanding of beauty needs.
  • Tailored Regimens: Use our tech to craft effective, personalized beauty regimens.
  • Build Trust & Loyalty: Face mapping enhances satisfaction, fostering trust with insights beyond the surface.
first-party data collection
Face mapping

Visual Proof, Trusted Results

  • Visual Progress: Face mapping reveals transformations, enabling users to visually track skin and hair changes.
  • Transparent Results: Tangible outcomes foster trust, ensuring a clear, reliable beauty experience for shoppers.
  • Boosted Loyalty: Seeing product impact enhances engagement, building brand loyalty and consumer confidence.

Optimize their Skincare Routine

Ready to transform your shopper’s skincare routine? Face Mapping empowers you to optimize their skincare regimen, and promoting their overall skin health.