How do quiz help for a better product launch?


Developing or launching new products is one of the vital parts of the growth and success of any company. Remaining relevant, maintaining growth, and entering new markets can expand profit potential. One has to face many challenges to bring any new product to the market successfully. Therefore, quiz for a product launch is one important thing.

first party data collection
Data collection for product launch

To launch a new product, one should have an idea of what product they want to launch. That’s the first step. Then we go to what kind of features, pricing, market size and n number of things. In the case of B2C e-commerce, what kind of items should be in line would be one of the questions. There are various ways of collecting useful data to answer the above questions. One can buy it from various third-party sources like websites, social media networks, subscriptions, etc. That’s the easiest and quickest way to get the answers but if the data is always correct is a big question. The best way to solve this problem is  collecting Zero-party data, that is, asking for the data directly from the shoppers. 

Quizzes are one of the best ways to collect Zero-party data. 

Why is quiz an easy solution to be used for a product launch? 

A. Easy Integration 

The quiz is easy to integrate into the online website. This means shoppers can complete the quiz when they land on your website. The second option is redirection to the quiz landing page. 

Product Recommendation
Better product recommendations reduces order returns

B. Better Recommendations

The data helps in personalizing the shopper’s experience. Also, it provides them with better recommendations to drive sales.

C. Precise data collection

According to the data requirements, brands can frame the questions. 

D. Easy Data Collection 

Tags are mapped with the options in the quiz and based on the choices, tags are assigned to the shoppers in the CRM.

E. Accurate data collection

Since the answers are directly collected from the shoppers, these are totally accurate and are much much better than the third-party data.

F. Better Campaigns

From the tags assigned to the shoppers, they can be better segmented into different categories, and personalized marketing campaigns can be initiated, retargeting shoppers of specific categories.

G. Better engagement 

The quiz helps in better engagement of the shoppers with the platform because of its interactiveness.

Shoppers engagement
Quiz is one effective way to engage shoppers

There are so many ways of leveraging the quiz to your own benefit. Collecting valuable data from the shoppers for product development as well as personalizing the experience, both in one go. Although this process is slower than collecting third-party data but much much better for the long-term growth of a company. 

You can checkout Tangent if you want to add a quiz to your platform, collect the Zero-party data and automate the whole marketing process, all at once.