Why are quality lead generation important for online sales?

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For any business, quality lead generation is really important. Why is quality leads important for online sales? Almost 70% of marketers say improving the quality of leads is the most important objective in lead generation strategy. Leads in quantity look lucrative but don’t add any significant value to the company.
quality leads
Quality leads are important for increasing topline

What are Quality leads?

Quality leads are the potential shoppers who will purchase your products or service in the future. These are the types of prospects who match with product requirements which a company has offered.
We measure the quality of lead by lead scoring set by the CRM. This lead scoring is based on the digital interaction of the shoppers. Firstly, they are ranked on how they behave with your platform. You decide if they are quality leads with the ranking. Digital interaction means what do they do when they browse your website. 
While collecting quality leads is really important, how to convert them into paying shoppers is also equally important. The ultimate goal is the return on investment from the lead generation pipeline and impact on the top line. With the help of better retargeting and personalization of the quality leads, one is focusing his energy efficiently and getting smooth results.
There are ways to monitor the quality leads once they are onto your website :

Tracking with Google Analytics

Firstly, link the GA to your website. Secondly, set up the parameters in the GA according to your requirement. Lastly, track the shoppers, categorize them based on attributes and segment them.

Page visits

For some critical pages and the duration of time spent on a particular page, shoppers are assigned a high lead score. And based on the behavior, personalized retargeting can follow up.
Personalized retargeting
Tracking visitors to assign scores


Based on the CTA clicked, shoppers are then segmented and targeted.


The below image is an example of a quiz asked by Amazing Cosmetics. A great example of incorporating Artificial Intelligence in the beauty sector. This is a new way of collecting the data directly from the shoppers. This type of data is called first-party data (data directly collected from the shoppers). Firstly, it is the best form of data one can get. Secondly, it is most accurate and precise. You get the best quality leads from the quizzes. You can checkout Tangent if you want to add a quiz to your platform, collect the first-party data and automate the whole marketing process, all at once.


Amazing Cosmetic's Selfie Quiz

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