What is a good landing page ?


Imagine a prospective customer enters a google search for a product that you provide. And they are lucky enough to find you in the search results. When they click on the search result, are they transported to your product page? If so, that is actually bad news for you. Site visitors who land on product pages are 72% more likely to bounce than had they landed on a dedicated landing page. Even when visitors do stay after landing on a product page, they view only 8.8 pages per session as opposed to 12.5 pages per session with a landing page. All this means that your store is losing revenue. It’s so because you did not take the time to make a landing page.

Landing Page

It is a standalone web page made specifically for a marketing campaign with a specific goal. For example, you run an online beauty brand. You send out emails to your customer segment that would be interested in a subscription box you’re offering. The link that you send out should go to a landing page with a straightforward call to action, engaging headlines, and high-quality images. 

This is a great example by Ipsy for its subscription service. There is a singular goal of getting the customer to begin their subscription. It is clear of any unnecessary clutter and looks great.


Contrast that with this, a product display page for a subscription box from another beauty brand. The product display page is a lot less appealing, right? Even if there are a few more images, there is clutter involving pricing and the specific details of the box – which aren’t necessary YET. 
When you create a landing page and push out the links via email/social network you need to know the purpose and audience. Some landing pages are for lead generation. It could have a contact info form instead of a click-through to a product. 
It is basically the storefront or a mini-floor plan for your online store. First, understand your customers better. Then you can create dedicated landing pages for many purposes that will increase revenue for your eCommerce business.