How The Beauty Marketplace gained a 64% increase in their user on boarding conversion in 2 weeks?


About The Beauty Marketplace:

The Beauty Marketplace is an online product matchmaker and a community of beauty industry experts. Specializing in independent beauty brands, emerging breakthroughs and niche favourites, they connect their customers with exactly the products, insights and guidance they are looking for.

TBM does every bit of the vetting, testing and curating of thousands of indie beauty finds – and personalizes the choices to boot.

The Problem: Improve online customer

Selling online since the last 2 years, TBM wanted to improve their online customer experience. With root cause analysis, they figured out that user onboarding needs to be improved. Signup comes along with several
questionnaires which are essential for personalisation of products for a particular user.

Questionnaire needed to be engaging and short to improve user conversion.

The Solution: Selfie QuizTM platform 

Tangent AI selfie quiz for The Beauty Marketplace
Screenshot of Selfie QuizTM platform on The Beauty Marketplace website by Tangent AI

They launched a very new Selfie based question sign-on tool on their online platform with the help of Tangent.

Now, all a user had to do was upload a full-face photo or click a selfie for our AI modelled platform and answer a few basic questions, and that’s it! Our AI tool analyses most of the facial data at the server and along with few basic answers from the shopper, it is able to predict what the shopper is really looking for!

Shoppers loved the interactive experience of selfie and survey. Hence, replacing our selfie based onboarding made the signup process more effective for both shoppers and our client.

Asking for selfie from users increased the quality interaction time with the platform. And adding reduced questionnaires to it, made the signup process faster.

The Result: 64% increase in new user onboarding

12 weeks post launch from mid February, they have seen a 64% increase in new user onboarding. Also, the Zero party data collection done with Tangent has further led to better product recommendations and personalised email campaigns.

Screenshot of Google analytics showing sign up of new visitors.