How to make a product recommendation quiz


The average order value, the number of sales, and the number of leads generated by an ecommerce business improve by a factor of two to ten when product recommendation quizzes are used. They are often recognized as one of the most delicate options you can opt for your ecommerce business to generate more leads, more money and expand your list of loyal customers. 

Digital shopping assistant tools, for example Selfie QuizTM platforms, are innovative replacements for the old-fashioned “Search Bar” in ecommerce stores. These tools interact with your customers the same way a salesperson would, directing them through the step-by-step shopping process, understanding their needs, and ensuring that they find precisely what they are looking for. 

What is a product recommendation quiz?

A product recommendation quiz is exactly what it sounds like: these are interactive questionnaires that the online customers answer so that the brand can provide them with a personalized purchasing experience. 

It does this by posing a series of questions to the user, guiding them through proposing products or solutions suitable for the shopper’s requirements. It is similar to having a personal shopper that offers tailored suggestions to the individual consumer.

You can utilize a product recommendation quiz to help drive more sales for your business. 

Why use product recommendation quiz?

A product recommendation quiz functions similar to an automated version of a personal shopper. Quiz participants are directed to appropriate products, with relevant recommendations delivered at the appropriate time and user’s location on the website that contributes to higher purchasing rates.

This also contributes to reduced shopping cart abandonment, and the conversion rate can be increased. You may build your email list, enhance the customer experience, and assist customers in making product selections by using a quiz.

Pro tip: You are already aware of some of the stumbling blocks that shoppers have while trying to select the product that is best suited for them. You can further jot down the questions that come up most often while interacting with shoppers. This will provide you with a solid foundation to build a product recommendation quiz for your ecommerce business.

Steps to create a product recommendation quiz.

These quizzes are not new. You’ve undoubtedly come across several of these before, particularly if you’ve bought direct-to-consumer beauty websites that sell products related to health, wellness, or skin care.

For instance, the quiz gives suggestions for the ideal skin tone depending on the shoppers’ needs. The participants of this quiz choose from the variations of the skin tones and skin types that the AI recommends after analysing their selfie. The branching logic of the question then recommends a product that would suit well with their skin. 

Here is how you can create a product recommendation quiz in 3 easy steps:

Step-1: Pick the right quiz builder

You may have several preferences and needs before you even start to build this quiz. Based on your requirements, pick an online ecommerce quiz builder that suits your needs.

Our recommendation: Outgrow seems to be a perfect tool with the only limitation that if you are growing fast, you will quickly exhaust the number of quizzes and content that you have been assigned.

Step-2: Decide the right layout suitable for maximum conversion

Your brand language plays an important role in converting visitors landing on your quiz page. But more than that, how you have structured your page, what messages have you been able to convey and how convincing your content sounds on the quiz pages as well as product recommendation pages, matters a lot.

Best is to let a professional handle the layout designing part. If you have that person in your team, it’s perfect, else you can always find good freelancers who can do it for you.

Step-3: Add a lead capture form 

Anyone completing the quiz is a strong lead and you don’t want to lose a client just because you didn’t have their contact information. You must always integrate email marketing or text marketing tools like Klaviyo with your quiz and always make it natural for the shopper to share those details with you as soon as they complete the quiz.

Pro tip: More than sixty percent of all clients want product suggestions to make purchasing choices, and the most efficient method to provide this information is via product recommendation quizzes.

In addition to this, you should use AI to make the quizzes more efficient and easy for the users. We at Tangent, have been doing this in the beauty industry for a lot of bigger brands. With the help of selfie AI, we are able to transform the product recommendation quiz building process into a growth making machine.

When might taking a quiz on product recommendations be useful?

Stores that provide a wide variety of products are an excellent option. The following are some examples of situations in which our software may be useful:

  • When consumers want to make a decision that is both simple and fast (e.g., gifts).
  • Either the product is difficult to understand, or it is tough to evaluate the available options.
  • When buyers do not have clear preferences for what they are looking for.

Your quiz will assist you in achieving the following two main  goals:

By providing your consumers with a customized product suggestion, you may increase the money they spend during their visit to your ecommerce platform, find and retrieve any abandoned carts and much more.

Personalise the Shopper’s Experience

The number of consumers looking for product suggestions and individualized experiences has been rising steadily over the last several years. Customers are prepared to disclose their data in exchange for a greater degree of personalization in their shopping experience. The company owners benefit from this since it gives them a far more accurate picture of their customer base. They can use such data to further tailor the shopping experience for the customers.

Expand the size of your audience. 

Send the leads you’ve acquired to your mailing list so that you may segment them according to how they responded and follow up with more specific marketing. You may reduce your support expenses by teaching your consumers more about your products.

When you ask visitors for their email addresses, you open up a direct connection channel with those individuals. Because of this tremendous bond, you will be able to locate, educate yourself on, and promote to them endlessly. 

How to build product recommendation quiz with Tangent?

Tangent is one company that helps in building a Selfie based question that collects more than 150 facial data points like age, gender, demographics, skin concerns, skin type, skin shade, skin tone, hair type, hair concerns, and a lot more.

This really helps in identifying and collecting zero-party data with high accuracy and recommending correct products. Also, this makes the quiz completion super fast and increases the quiz completion rate.

This builds trust among the shoppers and increases sales. The shoppers can be again asked for a selfie after a period of time to check if the recommended product has worked for them and can be given further suggestions.

Final thought 

A product recommendation quiz helps boost website conversions. Follow these tips to get consumers to take your quiz and purchase the suggested products: Include it in social media marketing efforts and drive site visitors to the interactive quiz, particularly those on the homepage or product pages.

Ask relevant questions. Asking questions about target consumers’ pain areas will increase quiz conversion rates. Convince them to purchase your suggested product. People are more inclined to finish work they’ve begun, highlighting their progress. Everyone won’t buy your quiz’s recommendations. You may retarget quiz takers with other offers if you collect their email addresses on the results page.