How THE JOJOBA COMPANY convert their first time visitors to shoppers?


About The Jojoba Company

The Jojoba Company is one of the well-known skin-line brands in Australia. They believe in the power of potent botanical ingredients. The first brand in the world to create an entire skincare line out of the powerhouse ingredient Jojoba, their clinically proven strain Wadi-Wadi Jojoba is the most efficacious on the planet. The only plant to store a human-identical liquid wax in its seeds, Jojoba has been used for centuries to help skin behave as it was always designed to do. Pairing powerhouse plant-based ingredients with scientific breakthroughs, The Jojoba Company crafts clinically proven skincare that is clean and safe for your skin. 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and Australian-made & owned, TJC use only the best for your skin. Smarter Natural Skincare.

The Problem: 

Drive new visitors, increase engagement & generate revenue

The Solution: Promoting Selfie quiz through Facebook Ad campaigns

They initiated advertising campaigns on Facebook, encouraging individuals to partake in the quick and informative 2-minute skin quiz. This interactive quiz provided personalized product recommendations tailored to the user’s unique skin type and concerns.

Screenshot of The Jojoba Company's Facebook Ad campaigns

The strategy proved to be highly effective for TJC, as it not only attracted a surge of new visitors to their website but also actively engaged them in the process, motivating them to participate in the selfie skin quiz. By seamlessly integrating these two approaches, TJC significantly enhanced its ability to connect with a broader audience, capture their interest, and guide them toward a more personalized shopping experience.

The Result80% orders originating from selfie quiz placed by first-time shoppers

The Facebook campaign successfully funneled a significant influx of fresh visitors to the website. The selfie quiz, with its precise product recommendations tailored to individual skin types and concerns, played a crucial role in ensuring that nearly 80% of the orders originating from the selfie quiz were placed by first-time shoppers.

TJC First-time order vs Repeating order originated from selfie-quiz