How quizzes help in effective sales

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Online sales can sometimes be a hard nut to crack. The timespan you get to catch the shopper’s attention is very limited and then getting sales conversion out of it is some different task. Quizzes are a very unique way to engage your online visitors on a regular basis. 

What is an Ecommerce quiz?

An eCommerce quiz is a set of questions that are asked by a particular online brand on their platform to give correct recommendations for the shoppers. These sets of questions can be of various types like product matching, size finders, etc. These questions can be asked by an online brand while onboarding visitors to engaging shoppers to their platform. Answers to these questions help you to know more about your shopper, their preferences, or interests and use those data to provide a better personalized online experience to the shopper and in return, drive more online sales. 

Why quiz?

Apart from engaging the shoppers online, there are various ways by which the quizzes provide value addition to an organization.

1. Collect valuable first-party data

The answer to each question in the quiz gives you some data points about your existing shopper or your potential shopper which are directly from the shopper rather than getting the data from the third-party resources.

2. Increase signups

Since the quizzes are engaging, this plus a call-to-action button asking for email at the end of the quiz for the new visitor increases the signup at a faster rate than the normal process of signups.

3. Better product recommendations

Since the answers to the quiz collected are directly from the shoppers, this helps in recommending the right product to the right shopper. 

4. Remarketing

Once the shopper is onboarded with relevant data from the quiz, it becomes really easy to remarket the product which is very much relevant to their interests. Remarketing can be done with various platforms such as Facebook, emails, ads, messages, Whatsapp, etc.

5. Better shopper’s segmentation

From the data collected from the quiz, the shoppers can be segmented into different groups according to their interests, and then different groups can be marketed collectively in a more personalized way. Groups over Whatsapp can be created on the basis of segmentation, and regular content, discount coupons, etc can be shared with the group for better engagement with a set of shoppers with similar interest and increased purchases.


How is it different from another engaging tool?

Many of the engaging tools over eCommerce has a prior role to engage shoppers and then expect them to like something and shop. But in the case of the quiz, with a similar level of engagement, you also get valuable data about the shopper directly from the shopper which enables checkout  This first-party data collection makes it way more unique than other online eCommerce tools.