Importance of educating shoppers online about your products


Marketing to your shoppers is a must for any company looking to build a brand. The way we do this, however, can be difficult and requires constant innovation by marketers that are seeking customer satisfaction. As a result, companies move towards educational marketing strategies to make visitors interested in purchasing from their platform. Educating shoppers online has proven effective in influencing consumers’ decisions.

Product Knowledge helps in sales
Product knowledge helps shoppers to buy correct products

They also educate shoppers at every stage of their buying journey. Generating awareness through the consideration and decision stages – even beyond purchase!

The first thing to know is that customer education and marketing are the same things. Customer education refers to the set of activities or processes a business puts in place so that customers can make the best use of its product or service. This could include information about what it does, why people should buy from them over their competitors, etc. Everything is done with an aim towards helping consumers make informed decisions when purchasing services/goods.

Educating customers is a key tactic in the modern marketing world. And it’s especially effective with products where customer returns can be costly. For example, Dollar Shave Club uses an educative strategy to overcome their high churn rates – something like providing helpful tutorials for new users on how to get started!

Why is educating your shoppers important?

  1. Product Awareness

  2. Building trust

  3. Customer loyalty

Product Awareness

Getting your shoppers aware of why the product they are viewing is important for them to purchase. It helps them to know the pros and cons of the product and makes them understand its true value.

Trust building

Educating your shoppers helps in creating trust in your brand. It makes them believe that you are on their side. You are helping them out in giving correct information, suggesting to them the correct products which would cater to their needs. ( Well, that’s what I am doing here 🙂 )

customer loyalty
More product awareness, more trust, more loyal customers

Customer Loyalty

Once they are aware of what products you provide and have a certain trust in you, they now know that you care about them. This is the time they are comfortable with you and your brand and are loyal to you. They would be your repeated customers and will stick to you for a long time.

Ways for educating shoppers online

Provide relevant information on the product page

This would be a no-brainer. It is one of the most important and must-do things. Describing the product on their respective product page with minute details like ingredients, pros, and cons, etc really helps the shopper to know more about the product.

Small videos

Small videos on how to use the product, adds relevance to the product. It ends up becoming really convenient to go through. These are also engaging and shoppers love them.

Product Video
Product demos help to understand the product easily


Educating shoppers about the products through quizzes is a new idea to the market. Quizzes are generally used to collect Zero-party data and engage shoppers while collecting their emails. Also, some important educational content is also incorporated in between the quiz flow. This is to get more attention from the shoppers as well as keep the quiz more engaging. This helps to build a long-term relationship. Here is a link if you want to know more about how to create an effective quiz. You can also check out how brands like Ipsy, Amazing Cosmetics, etc have come up with brilliant quizzes for their shoppers.