How Amazing Cosmetics achieved 7X increase in monthly revenue from re-marketing campaigns?


About Amazing Cosmetics:

AMAZING COSMETICS is one of the most coveted and trusted brands by makeup artists and their celebrity clients and beauty enthusiasts the world over and is known for its unbeatable and undetectable coverage that could outlast even the longest days on set. Their products deliver the results that are demanded for long days on set all while staying undetectable on the skin. They have formulated every one of their award-winning concealers, primers, and foundations with the highest quality of ingredients.

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Screenshot of SELFIE QUIZ launch powered by Tangent

The Problem: Non Converting Ecommerce Quiz

Amazing Cosmetics had an existing skin and shade quiz (without a selfie) which was launched 6 months back and they did some marketing campaigns around it. There was a slight increase in traffic but not much significant impact on the revenue. A couple of months later, they got to know that Tangent provides a Selfie QuizTM platform for skincare and beauty that can correctly predict many of the skin-related attributes like skin tone, shade, etc just by a selfie-and a fully functional CRM setup for efficient remarketing campaigns.

The Solution: Selfie QuizTM platform

We helped them launch a new Selfie QuizTM platform on their website. Now, all a user had to do was upload a full-face photo or click a selfie for the AI model and just answer a few simple questions, and that’s it!

The Tangent AI tool analyses most of the facial data at our server and along with a few basic answers from the shopper, it was able to predict their exact skin shade, skin tone, and products that would suit them! All the data was instantaneously fed into the CRM and dynamic checkout pages with the recommended products were shown to the shoppers right then.

These users were also segmented in the CRM and used for targeted remarketing later.

amazing cosmetics case study: Screenshot of Tangent's Selfie quiz asking shoppers to
Screenshot of Tangent's Selfie QuizTM platform asking shoppers to

The Result: 

Just one month after the launch of the Selfie based questions, the dollars earned per recipient for Tangent’s Selfie QuizTM platform came out to be $2.09 compared to $0.49 for all the other campaigns; more than a 4X increase in dollars earned per recipient. 

This was a more than 40% increase from the generally higher valued $/recipient campaigns like Welcome Series and Abandonment Cart. The main reason behind it was better segmentation of the shoppers and better targeting with the Zero-party data from the quiz.

Consequently, there was more than 7X increase in monthly revenue compared to the previous quiz.

4x Increase in $/Recipient:

Screenshot of Klaviyo with a comparison of $/Recipient of different campaigns
Screenshot of $/recipient of different campaigns

7X increase in monthly revenue

Screenshot of Klaviyo with comparison of $/Recipient of quiz with and without Tangent selfie AI
Screenshot of $/recipient of different campaigns
Screenshot of Klaviyo with comparison of $/Recipient of quiz with and without Tangent selfie AI
Screenshot of $/recipient of different campaigns

Happy Client:

Using Tangent's Selfie QuizTM platform helped us provide a better experience to shoppers and helped personalize our marketing campaigns. It was a pleasure to work with Tangent and we are excited about their product!
Sue Katz
CEO, Amazing Cosmetics