Carlucce – How we personalized their marketing campaigns


About Carlucce

Carlucce is an all in one natural makeup brand. They are known for their dedication to use only the most natural and beneficial ingredients for skin. “No ingredients that you can’t pronounce along with being completely vegan! Light to full coverage, use it whatever works best for you.”

Their main moto is ‘Makeup with benefits’ and skin enhancing ingredients is the expectation for all of their products.

Carlucce is completely vegan, gluten free, and made in an organic facility.

The Problem:

Carlucce was looking to

  • increase engagement for their new shoppers, and
  • personalise their marketing campaigns.

The Solution:

They used our Selfie QuizTM platform to collect data about their new visitors and increased effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Here’ how:

Happy Client:

"Tangent's Selfie QuizTM platform personalised our CRM and led to an increase in our top line."
Carla Abruzzo