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We bridge the gap between online and offline

We are team with background in AI and e-commerce teaching machines how to think like us.

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149 New Montgomery St,
4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94105

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Our Story

History of the Company

The day may come when we humans would just imagine the concepts and AI would generate the content

We started our journey with that belief back in summer of 2018, when two decades old friends joined hands together to make this vision a reality. We share our passion of changing the way we interact with machines. We are just at the beginning of wave of machine assisted creativity and we aim to be front runners in helping people leverage AI.


We are hiring!

If you find passionate about AI and excited by its implications, join us. You must be passionate about:

  • Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Engaging with e-commerce companies
  • Becoming a market leader
  • appetite for Double shot expresso